السبت، 29 مايو 2010


حان الوقت، لنخطو خطوة، لنعرف ما الذي يجري
يقدم فريق وصال الإعلامي فلمه القصير
"it's Time"

"it's Time" to take a step, know what's going on, listen to the facts and evaluate our knowledge, wesal's newest short movie "it's time"

السبت، 22 مايو 2010

The Spark of Freedom

The Spark of Freedom

Remember that spark in your eye
When you first heard the news
That the siege would be broken
And Ghaza would revive soon

The leap your heart made
The strength you felt
Of being backed up
By people of all colors and race

Remember first seeing these ships
That majestic scene
Remember merrily designing them
With the Palestinian white, black, red and green

The impulse you felt then
To immediately set sail
To free Ghaza was your aim
And a “Free Ghaza” you wanted to claim

You anxiously waited
Counted the days as they went by
Now the time has finally come
The Freedom Flotilla launches today

With butterflies in your stomach
You say your prayers and last farewells
And on to the ship you step
With determination at the sound of its bells

Next thing you know
You’re almost there

Your head becomes filled
With questions so dire
Will the navy let us in?
Or will they open fire?

Well, here are the facts
I’ll lay ’em out straight
To make things clear to you
And relieve you from your questioning state

It’s a bumpy ride ahead
You all know it’s true
So when the first setback comes
Don’t you dare say you’re through

To survive and succeed
You must fight for what is right
And if it doesn’t come in peace
Be prepared to put up a fight

Opposition should not break you
Opposition makes you stronger

To free Gaza was your aim
And a “Free Gaza” you shall claim

Remember that spark in your eye
When you first heard the news ?
Don’t let that spark die
Don’t bury it under fear

A spark is what it takes
For a brushfire to begin
A spark is what you need
And a “Free Gaza” you will win

**Yours Truly: Basma Al-Wohaib **